Social Media Management

The average time internet users spent on social media is 116 minutes each day.

(Entrepreneur, 2017)

Social Media Management

You may hate social media on a personal level. However, you may consider utilizing this crucial tool on a business level in the 21st century. No matter the age of the market your business strives to reach, people of all ages spend a significant amount of time on social media, sometimes hours each day. The information flow is never-ending and very quickly can reach your clients and potential clients. Social media advertising is incredibly effective and affordable, reaching up to thousands of people in your market in a matter of days.


Our first step to begin your social media advertising is to help you decide which social media platforms make sense for your business to utilize. We then create the respective pages (or accounts) in the largest social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and even Pinterest and Instagram (other networks can be included upon request).

You work hard to run your business, let us run your social media accounts!

Social media services that we offer:

  • Creating a social media presence for your business
  • Optimizing and maintaining existing social media accounts
  • Designing and creating custom posts with content specific to your brand
  • Posting on a variety of social media platforms
  • Monitoring social media accounts and responding to comments, messages, and posts
  • Running ongoing social media campaigns to promote specific events or products
  • Tracking analytics to show how the social media marketing has affected your brand

Let us help grow your business with social media management and marketing.

We offer numerous levels of social media management and we can work with any size budget.

Creation and Maintenance

We can:

Maintain and operate existing accounts

Create accounts across multiple platforms

Optimize accounts to increase traffic

Custom and Creative Content

We can:

Create custom graphics for posts

Generate content specific to your business

Post content on a variety of platforms

Social Media Campaigns

We can:

Promote events, products, etc.

Run ongoing or one-time marketing campaigns

Respond to comments and messages

Your Social Media, Your Way

No matter the size of your business or your budget, we offer numerous levels of social media creation and management. Do you already have a social media presence but would like to use your accounts to promote special offers or events? We can create scheduled or ongoing campaigns for your various social media platforms consisting of anything from ongoing marketing campaigns to recurring or one-time boosted/paid posts with custom graphics to promote events or specials, sales, or other information. Posts can be scheduled to publish at specific times, and we can boost and target posts to reach your unique market based on location, age, preferences and more.

You may be concerned that you do not have the time or an available employee to monitor your social media accounts. For that reason, we also offer social media account management. We will respond to comments and messages on your behalf while staying in steady communication with you or one of your employees to make sure we meet your exact needs while interacting professionally with your clients or customers.

All content that we create for your social media accounts will be consistent with your brand including your business logo and other custom graphics to make your account appear professional and stand out among your competitors. Content will be formatted to be both search engine and user friendly.