Are you looking for a photographer in Elgin, Oklahoma or other areas in Southwest Oklahoma to take your family pictures or capture your favorite memories at your event? Whether it is personal or commercial photography, we will be able to help! Photography is what inspired the name “Light Alive.” When light becomes alive, there are images, and only where there are images, design can happen. Photography is a crucial part of my business. I not only take personal pictures but also business pictures.

Light Alive Designs & PhotographyContact us for a quote and to schedule your photoshoot!

  • Commercial photography (Buildings, merchandise, headshots, and more)
  • Personal photoshoots
  • Family pictures
  • Senior Pictures
  • Pregnancy pictures
  • Engagement pictures
  • Event pictures
  • Photo Retouching
  • And more…

A small selection of pictures I took:

(Light Alive Designs used to be called “Angelic Designs,” as seen on some of the watermarks. Different name, same service!)